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My New Digital Experience

My New Digital Experience is a cycle of workshops, during which participants will be able to learn and personally test how solutions which shape new trends in the so-called Digital World of User Experiences work.

Aims of the program

  • To understand from the customer’s perspective the user experience of solutions available in the Digital World
  • Building competences in the Digital World
  • Recognizing the strong and weak sides of solutions, which already are or will soon become substitutes of telecom, media or video gaming company offers, and which derive from other market segments such as web browsers and video streaming platforms

For whom

The program is aimed at managers of telecommunication companies, video game console providers, and all those who would like to learn about and understand new models of consumer behavior created by the leaders of the Digital World.

Note: Each of the three seminars that make up the My New Digital Experience series, represent a complete and independent program, and may be attended separately.


– The new trendsetter on the Video-On-Demand market –

During this seminar you will learn about the world market leader of video streaming strategy, and will understand what the positive consumer experience of Netflix users is about.


  • Each participant will perform on their own computers those operations, which are most frequently performed by Netflix users
  • All participants will play a game which will help them better understand and memorize the content presented
  • Each participant will be able to consolidate their knowledge by taking part in a free monthly trial of Netflix services

Game console

– Home entertainment center –

Manufacturers of video game consoles have realized, that the increasing popularity of their products in combination with the rapidly growing availability of high-speed Internet provide them with a unique opportunity to become the suppliers of home entertainment centers. This trend enables players like Microsoft or Sony to appear in service markets like telecommunication or cable TV, as well as TV series producers or game and film producers.

By participating in this seminar you will understand:

  • Why PlayStation and Xbox are a lot more than just video gaming consoles
  • How to integrate a console with other devices (television, telephone, tablet etc.)
  • What does the combination of a video gaming console with a social media portal look like
  • What is the unique experience of a console user, and how it shapes new models of behavior amongst your customers

My Digital Footprint

During the last couple of months there has been a wide discussion about what type of information can, and should be collected about Internet users, and what personal information we as users have the right to have deleted. By participating in this seminar you will learn how to knowingly control what information on your subject can be found on the Internet, and what information you may collect about your present and future customers.

In particular, you will learn about:

  • What information on your subject, and where may be found in the Internet
  • How you can erase information on your subject, that you don’t want to be found on the Internet
  • How to protect yourself from unwanted information sharing
  • What are the new ways of communication which minimalize leaving Digital Footprints - SnapChat

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Economy of Attent!on

In XXI century, successful companies often realize that it’s not the capital, work or knowledge that influences market decisions, but a limited amount of time available to analyze products or events. Ability to win and keep the attention of current and potential clients has become a key element in the success of every modern company.

We have prepared two trainings / seminars on this topic:

  • Social Media – The World of Bi-directional Interactions
  • Gamepocalypse – Business is a Game

Both seminars are aimed at managers in sales, marketing or customer support. Thanks to:

  • unique formula (the seminar is a game in which all attendees participate),
  • unique content (each seminar is based on best practices from the client’s industry),
  • rich experience and wide knowledge of the presenters (SĹ‚awomir and Dominika Turek, who for the last 6 years have lead projects in using social media to increase sales, improve marketing and customer support, working with companies like: Microsoft, Orange, Sony, DeLonghi, T-Mobile, GoldenLine or ProcessOne

the attendees evaluate our seminars as very valuable experience.

Social Media

– The World of Bi-directional Interactions –

During this seminar you will be able to learn:

  • how our key clients and competition use social media to increase the efficiency of their business operations;
  • how mobile data combined with social media changes the behavior of clients;
  • how SM, smartphones and evolution of telecommunication change the rules of efficient business operations;
  • how should my private and professional SM presence look like, to efficiently promote myself and my company;


– Business is a Game –

This seminar is based on a virtual world of games that lets the attendees better understand the concept of gamification. During the seminar we present the basic concepts of behavioral psychology, which lead HBR to announce gamification as one of the key trends for 2013.

Getting to know the practical applications of these mechanisms in sales, marketing, customer support and team building give the attendees an instant ability to use these new skills in business tasks, as well as analyzing their competition in terms of gamification.

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Behavioral Psychology
in Business

Understanding how the animal instinct influences the behavior of our clients, employees, shareholders and managers has become a crucial part in an effective company management during the times of change, uncertainty and crisis. Management experts spend a lot of effort to reach the top of „successful management of XXI century”, only to find the behavioral psychologists were already there.

In this series we offer two seminars:

  • Etiology: Primal Leader and the Herd
  • Hierarchy, Succession and the Fight for Leadership of the Herd

For whom

This seminar is aimed at project or team leaders.


Both seminars were inspired by Jacek Santorski and are part of the Academy of Psychology of Leadership, a post-MBA program at Warsaw University of Technology Business School.


– Primal Leader and the Herd –

Attendees analyse animal behavior to learn how to be an effective, natural leader. They discover atavisms driving humans, who are on various positions in different organizations. Seminar goals:

  1. Show the mechanisms behind becoming a natural leader
  2. Show the features of a natural leader
  3. Show the behavior of a natural leader in different situations / team life cycles / organizations
  4. Show the subconscious differentiation into what’s close to us, and what’s distant, the „ours – theirs” paradigm in relation to globalization
  5. Show when natural leadership is positive and when it’s negative for the organization


– Succession and the Fight for Leadership of the Herd –

Attendees learn about atavisms that influence the hierarchy formation in the company, start the fight for power and lead to its balance inside the organization, leading to long-lasting success on the market. During the seminar, the following concepts are discussed:

  1. Urges and instincts – why do we fight for power
  2. How power is gained – strength and aggression vs. following the rules and reaching organization goals
  3. Change of power – what starts it and how it unfolds

During the seminar the discussed topics are illustrated using case studies from Walt Disney Corporation, NC+ and Orange Customer Service.

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Academy of Innovation
and Creativity

The Academy of Innovation and Creativity was created in cooperation with our clients from the Hi-Tech market, who see their competitive advantage in innovative and creative approach to business tasks and projects. One of the most important goals of this Academy is teaching the attendees how to make innovation a predictable and manageable process.

The Academy program is based on knowledge and experience of world’s leading companies in the most innovative market of video game production.

Thanks to the Academy workshops, where the attendees learn how to increase the innovation and creativity of their business projects, they gain a practical ability to instantly use this new knowledge and methodologies in everyday operations.

For whom

Experts, regular employees, mid-level managers


The Academy consists of 3 parts:

  1. Innovation and Creativity Workshops
  2. Gamepocalypse Seminar – Business is a Game
  3. Think Tank with Top Management – a proposal to change one project inside the company
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