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Digital Marketing

  • Content Marketing – creating content strategy and content itself.
  • Online infrastructure management – including social media channels, blogs and websites.
  • Social media administration – taking care of communication channels.
  • Promotional campaigns – from idea to execution and post-analysis.
  • Personal Branding – improving your or your company brand.

We are a unique European agency specialised in engaging the IT communities globally. We are managing a multi-year effort for Microsoft to expand their open source initiative through social media channels. For Orange and T-mobile we executed brand building processes.

Software House

We create web services, web apps, enterprise software and mobile apps.We are trusted by:

  • Polish Mutual Insurance Group – web application for communication management, ie. Client Area
  • Seven Circles Group – creation and maintenance of Working Dreamers, an online platform for social projects
  • Microsoft MEA – an online competition platform Azure Ideas, with editions in Turkey, South Africa, Middle East, North Africa and Pakistan
  • Microsoft CEE – multilingual web service Azure Boxes showcasing the capabilities of Azure Cloud, eCommerce Success Kit website promoting online webinars
  • Microsoft Poland – competition website Openness Ideas, with participation of IT influencers
  • PZU – Lead_er, a system for increasing the effectiveness of sales processes

Customer Engagement

  • Influence Influencers – allows you to find and engage with most influential people in social media, who are opinion leaders within a given topic or industry.
  • Building engagement – the purpose of this program is to engage potential and existing customers to increase sales effectiveness.
  • Social Selling – We offer lead identification and an innovative B2B sales process based on social media.

For companies like DeLonghi or Microsoft we identified potential key clients and executed sales processes through direct social media activities.

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Market Intelligence

  • Influence analysis – we created tools that allow measuring business value of events, blogs and social media users from a given market.
  • Sentiment analysis – thanks to cooperation with companies that lead technological innovation, we have created an analytical tool to measure sentiment in opinions about your brand in several languages.
  • Trend identification and Online market analysis.

For companies like Microsoft or Hewlett-Packard we created many market researches, analysing business value of events, publications, influecners, or optimising marketing and sales process.

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We offer a wide range of training packages, presented in an interesting and interactive way.

My New Digital Experience

Economy of Attent!on

Academy of Innovation
and Creativity

Behavioral Psychology
in Business


Communication, organizing key company processes, hive behavior applicable to business, or Key Account Management in practice – these are just a few of the subjects from the books co-authored by SÅ‚awomir Turek, the founder of Bright Future.

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