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“When looking back at my 25 years of managerial experience, I’m more and more convinced that the really successful methods for market analysis, team management, maintaining client relationships or effective communication have to be based on behavioral psychology.”
Sławomir Turek, Founder of Bright Future


“The growing telecom and social media markets are something more than just new popular technologies. It’s a revolution that changed the way we do sales, marketing and customer support. It’s an exciting task to help our Clients exploit all the powers of social media in their business.”
Dominika Turek, CEO


“Huge amounts of data flowing through the Internet each minute make it necessary to use artificial intelligence to find what’s relevant to our Clients, and making deep analysis showing strategic directions is the my favourite part.”
Marek Foss, CTO


“I see Customer Centricity as a philosophical background of every healthy, effective business; it’s not only a temporary fashion. For me, Customer Relationship Marketing means far more than just the pair: marketing communication + discount solutions. I believe in win-win solutions, profitable for all parties. That’s how I do business. That’s what I offer my clients.”
Kamil Kociszewski, Customer Engagement Expert


“While managing the portals of our Clients, I have a unique chance to fully use my knowledge on marketing communication and brand value management. It’s fascinating even more when used on multinational and multi-industry markets, as it often happens.”
Katarzyna Dolińska, Social Media Manager


“During the digital marketing projects I saw how important it is to create an appropriate crisis management strategy in social media. I always encourage our Clients to prepare for such an event.”
Piotr Sobczyk, Social Media Manager


“I provide knowledge and experience in economics, econometrics and analysis – on a PhD level.”
Ruzica Savcic, Analyst


“The quality of an analysis always has to base on integrity of the data. I’m very satisfied that all our reports and analysis are accepted by our Clients.”
Karolina Koperska, Analyst


“The environment of .NET and Agile development methodology is what fascinates me. I enjoy their huge potential every time I create a new, and more demanding, application.”
Mateusz Turek, Programmer


“My biggest challenge, and the source of my biggest satisfaction are projects that, despite simplicity and minimalism, still convey a strong message. It fascinates me how with social media I can get instant feedback on my work from our Clients.”
Anna Bertling, Graphic Designer


“Cooperating with an international team and using knowledge about the Russian market teaches me each day about similarities and differences in cultures, which is the basis for a clear and efficient communication.”
Irina Kuzmina, Russian Content Specialist

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